Scientific Illustration and Design by Liz Bradford

Solo exhibit at Chapel Hill Library

JULY 2016

As a part of Chapel Hill's 2015-2016 Juried Exhibitions Series, ten of Liz’s paintings went on display at the Chapel Hill Public Library from July through September. The large-scale oil paintings were reflections on the intersection of mankind with the natural world.


nanotechnology Journal Cover

MAY 2016

Liz worked with material scientists at NCSU to create cover art for the May 2016 issue of "Small," a scientific journal that explores nanotechnology topics. Through that challenge, their "ultralow density metal oxide nanostructures" come to life. This journal cover combines microscopic photography with computer rendered graphics.

Wake Audubon's Chimney Swift Festival

august 2015

Recently, Liz participated in the Wake Audubon Society's "Chimney Swift Family Festival" at the North Carolina Museum of Science’s Prairie Ridge Ecostation by performing a live painting demonstration.


Three years were spent planning and constructing a 30-foot tall "Chimney Swift Roost Tower" to provide habitat for these lovely birds. The festival was a culmination and celebration of these efforts. It was a beautiful evening and everyone enjoyed seeing Liz bring an image of a chimney swift to life!  Check it out here.

Death Valley National Park artwork complete

June 2015

After a year of traveling, planning and painting the final commissioned oil painting for the U.S. National Park Service for Death Valley National Park is done! The primary use of the artwork is for the Death Valley National Park brochure, which will be distributed to millions of park visitors at its many entrances and visitor center over the years.

The Tender Fruit - Album artwork

december 2014

Congratulations to The Tender Fruit on making number 1 on the “Best Albums of 2014" in The Independent! Check out the full album here.


The copperhead snake on the cover is one of Liz’s pen and ink creations. She was honored to help contribute art to such a beautiful album.

Ancient bird artwork featured

on national geographic

July 2014

A variety of news outlets have picked up Liz's illustration of Pelagornis sandersi, based on a recent fossil discovery of a bird thought to be one of the largest to have ever lived.  The story, originally published on July 7 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and authored by paleontologist Daniel Ksepka.


The illustration has been featured on National Geographic, CNN, Newsweek, Discover, ABC, CBS, NBC, Business Insider, Slate, Science Daily and many other national and local news media outlets.


Carbon Nanotube Research Group

february 2014

Passion for science communication runs in the Bradford family! Liz’s brother, Dr. Philip Bradford, recently created a website to highlight the research his group does in carbon nanotube textiles at NC State University. Liz created the header artwork with his guidance and the help of a nanotube model.  Check out his fascinating work here!

Fossil Turtle Illustration

february 2014

Published in the Journal of Paleontology, this illustration by Liz Bradford is of a newly discovered species of fossil turtle that lived 60 million years ago in what is now northwestern South America. The most peculiar feature of this new turtle is its extremely circular shell, about the size and shape of a big car tire. Commissioned by paleontologist Edwin Cadena, and featured in a variety of news outlets. See the Smithsonian Article here.

liz bradford featured in permanent exhibit of new wing of nc museum of natural sciences

April 2012

In the newly opened Nature Research Center wing of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences Liz has 15 commissioned illustrations that are featured in the Biodiversity Hall. They are all various extinct /endangered animal species etched into acrylic form original pen and ink drawings.

TEDx Raleigh

october 2010

Liz delivered a TED Talk at TEDx in Raleigh, October 2010 entitled "The Union of Art and Science." See the video here.




  • Scientific Illustration and Design by Liz Bradford
  • Scientific Illustration and Design by Liz Bradford
  • Scientific Illustration and Design by Liz Bradford